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For better vision
30 VGcaps

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For better vision
What does Oculut contain?
The active substances of Ocolut are purified natural eye pigments – lutein and zeaxanthin. Each Vgcaps Ocolut contains 6 mg of pure lutein and 450 mg of zeaxanthin. Studies published by the  Harvard University show that a daily intake of 6 mg lutein decreases the risk of macula impairment by 43%. Based on this research, we developed Ocolut.  Ocolut provides the daily needs of eye pigments, protecting our eyes and vision.
When should Ocolut be taken?
Осоlut can be taken prior to the development of vision impairment. It can also be used to :
•      Reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataract;
•      Alleviate tired eyes and itchiness caused by extensive use of computers;
•      Improve reduced vision sharpness, poor night vision or myopia;
        Providethe daily needs of lutein and zeaxanthin
Осоlut is suitable for prophylaxis and treating children with impaired vision.
How should Ocolut be taken?
One capsule 1 - 2 times daily with food intake. In children - 1 capsule daily with food intake. To increase efficacy, use for an extended period of time..

by Maralynn, 20 Sep 2012

Many many quaitly points there.

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Price: 11.25лв.


Price: 11.25лв.